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Introducing ~ Bobby Ray T. Isaacs
'Top Freelance Kiwi Musician'

Kia ora, greetings and a warm Welcome!

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  5. -  Business Philosophy
  6. -  Why do Business with Raydiance
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B.    (S.M.E.A.C)


Bobby Ray T. ISAACS is Established:
  • 'Work at Home' Business Owner & Online Network Marketer
  • Top Freelance, One-man band
  • Singer Songwriter, Entertainer
  • re: Local and Cultural content
  • Good ole' Kiwi and Indigenous humor
  • A Unique style that is Raw, Acoustic & Live (TM).

Raised up in a family of musicians, his continued 35-40+ adult years of music skills and experience remains a childhood passion and a journey of music discovery, growth and development.

His National and International professional music profile and experience began as a former 20 year career veteran soldier (Aug 74-Aug 94) at one opportune time that took him by surprise when he was recruited as a military bandsman (as the first official rhythm lead guitarist) within the famous New Zealand Army Band (May 77-Oct 86).

He says even when he took a trade change, still within the military, he is thankful with a couple of attachments back to the band when called upon, such as the 1990 commonwealth games in Auckland New Zealand, and the 1991 50th anniversary of the Battle of Crete, Athens.

He firmly believes it is that same former military lifestyle, discipline and structure that has influenced his music passion he says he uses daily and often jokes about now that he is back in today's real world.


" Raw, Acoustic & Live ...
Taking it to the World Stage? "
  • To build a 'niche' music Fan base platform (500 - 1000+) based upon his Kiwi style of music to reflect a unique style that is 'Raw Acoustic & Live'(TM).
  • As a freelance, traveling one man band, singer songwriter, he would dearly love to build a focused business future of lasting relationships to a Local and Global 'niche music Fan Base' and to market, promote and sell on demand music and online products and services.
  • To combine the both toward a UNIQUE online network marketing biz presence.


Bobby Rei Isaacs is based upon his family background of strong 'ethics' that reflects his fundamental cultural values, beliefs and practices that also weave through to his online business. Although not far from being a keen newbie to the online phenomena, he believes that these attributes actually motivate him to grow, excel and to push the boundaries into a future of exciting opportunities.


He firmly believes it is appropriate to acknowledge his immediate and extended family on both sides of his parents for his musical background. This is also the case even through his adult years the many fellow professional musicians, colleagues that he worked with and along side who have been a major influence in his personal music journey.  He also believes it is most important to pass down this blessed 'gift' on to the next generation and the hope to leave a lasting 'legacy' for those generations to come. He says it is with great honor and sincerity that he continue on his passionate quest.     


Bobby Rei would like to say Welcome and as Early Bird Starters' he would love you to join his website Fan base ('Fans' page) to help get the ball rolling. He strongly believes his success is a COMBINED mutual effort and to take his journey to the world stage and marketing arena.


C.    STEPS 1-4 Early Bird Starter:

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  • 2. - Sign up to Bobby Ray' 'Fans' page.
  • 3. - Look over the website and feel free to get to know him as he too will also look forward to learning about you.
  • 4. - Follow him on his music journey of discovery, growth and development.


Normal Courtesies

Ray says in his native Kiwi culture (M?ori) the way to greet others is very important. He says it is an opportunity for people to show respect to each other through the language being used. In addition their actions, thoughts and the tone will help the process of interaction and is set and friendly right from the beginning:

Ray' Genealogy (Whakapapa /Mihi /Pepeha)

  • Ko Maataatua te waka
    • Maataatua is my ancestral canoe
  • Ko Tuhoe, Ngatimanawa oku iwi
    • Tuhoe, Ngatimanawa are my two ancestral tribes
  • Ko Ngati Hui te hapu
    • Ngati Hui is my ancestral subtribe
  • Ko Tawhiuau, Maungapoohatu oku maunga
    • Tawhiuau, Maungapoohatu are my two mountains
  • Ko Rangitaiki, Whirinaki oku awa
    • Rangitaiki, Whirinaki are my two rivers
  • Ko Apahapai taketake to marae
    • Apahapai Taketake is my meeting house
  • ko Tangi Haruru te tipuna
    • Tangi Haruru is my male chief
  • No Murupara ahau.
    • Murupara is my HOME, my stomping ground.
  • Ki toku nei kai-ngakau, ki te whai tikanga Maaori, atu ki te mau nga mea taonga no to tatou tipuna mo ake tonu atu. Pai marire.
    • My hearts aspirations, to pursue and follow my dreams while maintaining my values, beliefs, customs and protocols, to hold them as cultural treasures passed down from my ancestors, to adopt them into our living world today.          Good Health, Wealth & Well being for ever Amen.  Bobby Rei Isaacs.
  • Raw talent in one professional package
  • 35+ years of experience in every performance
  • International artist with local community loyalty
  • Consummate professional
  • Former NZ Army Bandsman.


  • "You have the voice? - RSA, P/Nth
  • ?Sing in perfect pitch? - Paraparaumu, Coastlands
  • "Tic Toc, the music man? - Army colleagues
  • ?Beautiful sound? - Frankton Market, Hamilton
  • "You are an entertainer" - Queensgate, Hutt Valley.


Former Prominent

'New Zealand Army Bandsman'


E.    Business Philosophy:

Bobby Ray T. Isaacs the Product is Kiwi culture, Home Based and 'Made in Aotearoa (New Zealand) as follows:

  • belief that his customers' needs are of the utmost importance
  • committed to meeting those needs and as a result
  • a high percentage of his business is from repeat customers and referrals
  • he would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver as follows:
'Top freelance one man band Kiwi music services in the industry'.
 Please read further for operation & booking costs

F.    Why do business with Bobby Ray:

35-40+ years and ongoing professional music experience and service is:

  • wrapped up in one big package
  • passionate, kiwi culture and spiritual
  • generates energy and excitement everywhere he performs
  • singing your old school cover selections and favorites
  • including a selection from his own compositions.

His renowned 'nickname' trade mark, 'Tictoc' the Music man?:

  • Unique style that is 'Raw Acoustic & Live'
  • can sing and play 'NON STOP' (literally) for up to 5-8 hours!
  • powerful, jam packed music
  • anytime, any place, land, bus, boat,train, your 'car shed' or 'home lounge'.

Where space is limited/confined he can still provide a full sound:

  • with minimal acoustic or full electric band equipment,
  • cater for venues with alternate relaxed style of entertainment
  • in Cafe', Restaurants, Wine bars or any small functions in private homes. 
  • will work with you well before your event date to:
  • understand your preferences, and
  • plan just the right music for your special occasion, celebration AND BUDGET!
G.    Standard Bookings and Costs:
The costs below for 'services provided' are just a guide. The key is really to negotiate to suit your best price ie: Lets Negotiate. Thank you.
From the social:
  • Restaurants, Cafe bars, sports clubs,
  • to the energetic nite clubs and pubs
  • Private BBQ, birthdays, weddings,
  • Retirement - Rest Homes
  • high profile corporate and public events such as horse and motor race meetings
  • Markets, Festival, fundraising and more.
Please choose one of the following 1-8 for your selection (then lets negotiate)

  • 1 -  Restaurants - Cafe - Sports Clubs
    • Moderate, easy going, background music.
      • minimum 4 hrs
      • $280 only - with $50 increments each extra half hour
      • Includes travel, accommodation, x1 meal, x1 beverage, gst, insurance
  • 2 -  'Nite' Clubs, Pubs - End of year functions
    • Dancing and entertainment
      • minimum 4 hrs
      • $350 only - with $50 increments each extra half hour
      • Includes as above
  • 3 -  Private functions
    • Weddings (at high profile venues)
      • background only - at daytime ceremony and reception only
      • minimum 4hrs
      • $350 only - with $50 increments each extra half hour
      • Includes as above
  • Birthdays
    • background and home party/family atmosphere
    • minimum 4 hrs
    • $280 only - with $50 increments each half hour
  • 4 -  Retirement - Rest Homes
    • Lots of fun and exciting, sing a long, Kiwi humor & entertainment
      • minimum 1 hr
      • $60 - 80.00 - Flat fee
      • with $50 increments each extra half hour (eg: Happy hour, Christmas celebrations)
  • 5 -  Corporate - (High profile)
    • Moderate, singing light background music only
      • minimum 4 hrs
      • $380 with $50 increments each extra half hour
  • 6 -  Markets, fundraising
    • Donation box ONLY
      • No Payment required
      • In some cases subsidy or top-up most welcome

  •  7 -  Work shop
    • M?ori culture, Kapa haka, Waiata, karakia, basic Reo
      • $80 = 1x 40min session (class size 10-20+ students)
      • other topics from public speaking can be included

  • 8 -  Bugler 
    • ANZAC PARADES - Funeral
      • Volunteer - No Charge
 As mentioned earlier in his profile, he will work with you to
negotiate the best package for your music experience and budget
H.    Public Speaker:
  • Time slots
    • 30-40mins
    • 1 hour
  • Cost
    • Negotiable
    • Donation (koha)
    • Optional - half and half (Petrol Vouchers & Cash)

Offering a variety of optional public speaking topics as follows:
  1. Man on the Street view
  2. Committed single parent father/caregiver (18 years)
  3. Life style as a 20 year career veteran soldier
  4. M?ori male working in a professional white environment
  5. Marae (Meeting house) etiquette
  6. Dale Carnegie Training & Team Leader graduate
  7. Living a daily life with a hidden Faith agenda
  8. World travels
  9. Teacher training (3years) as a single M?ori male parent/caregiver
  10. 15 years school teaching, education trusteeship as a M?ori male
  11. Children's Story teller
  12. Singer songwriter, Entertainer
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Thank You


I.    Operating Hours:

  • Mon - Fri: 24/5days
  • Sat - Sun: 24/2
  • M: +64 2102357883+64 2102357883
  • skype: matua_rei


J.    Social Networks/Other Related Links:

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  • IBOSocial ToolBox Platform :
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  • Children of the Mist (Tuhoe - Mataatua)

  • My You Tube Channel - Music & Various :
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