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Thank You to my visitors

Posted by Ray T Isaacs on June 12, 2011 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Greetings from my Laptop desk in Hamilton, New Zealand AND thank you for dropping in.     2012 is is way over the half way mark this is simply an update A big special thank you to all my ongoing visitors.      Another quick note to acknowledge and celebrate my 600+ visitors.       If I could start to turn those figures into my Guest / Fans pages that would really be a great achievement.     So, pass the message around and please do check and tick the "Likes" or "Share" buttons as I take you on my music journey to the world stage.          Over the recent past weeks I have recieved accolades of kind words, and words of advice and I treasure them all very much.     I continue with "How can I keep up with my online Blog's".     Talking about My own compositions, songs and the stories behind each one continues in the background as I try to keep them firmly in my hands as originals.     So you can continue to follow me at your leisure.      My journey to look for kind SPONSORS to help me make my music happen is still ongoing.     You my faithful followers can step forward anytime and make me a 'win win offer where you and I can 'biz' together and celebrate the success of my songs TOGETHER when the hit the world stage.     So as I continue on my music quest, I will end here and ask you to keep in touch as I slowly but surely step by step make my journey grow stronger better and brighter. Watch this space. Bobby Rei