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Kia ora, Greetings:  Hi my name is RAY

Former 20 year career veteran soldier

SUPPORTING:     Welfare to the EXTREME

  • Attend Monthly / Annual meetings & gatherings

  • Buy their Raffles

  • Organize / help fundraising events and or try to attend

  • When operating my 'One Man Band music' at no cost

  • Share our historical (battle), cutural songs & stories

  • Put Tuhoe Ngatimanawa (Murupara) on the map

  • Bugler (no cost) - ANZAC Day - Last Post - Funeral

Thank you for your kind DONATION - KOHA.

( I am available for your private occasion

. . . Please ask me for my biz card )

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The maintainance, admin and the daily operation of running this website is a journey of discovery. In addition the desire to bring something fresh to the online experience is a welfare task on its own. As a former 20 year career veteran soldier, and in my last years I was employed in Welfare. Welfare of the soldier and their dependents. At my retirement my next step was education, school teaching specialising in Music, cultural dance and drama, teaching the curriculum, welfare advisor re: school board of trustees and the list went on. When the idea and decision to bring that 15 years to an end and to return to my music passion, as fate would have it I then found myself doing what I had been doing all those years but under my own roof re: Home biz. Today I enjoy doing what I do and your donation will help me to continue to help people in order to help myself.  I also remain passionate about my military past and will always be seen wearing my welfare hat to help my former veteran mates and the masses across the globe who cross my path via the online experience. Your support and help is very much appreciated. Thank you. Ray I.

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